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People's Hall

In the 19th Century a liberal faction within the Quakers began to take a more active role in the Abolitionist Movement. Ercildoun's proximity to the Mason-Dixon line made this small village an important crossroads of the Underground Railroad. In 1835, the East Fallowfield Anti-Slavery Society was formed and met at the Friends Meeting House.  Following a Pro-Slavery attack on the Meeting House, in 1845 the citizens pooled their resources and constructed the People's Hall to give the Abolitionists a place to meet undisturbed.  Ercildoun was home to many Conductors on the Underground Railroad, and the People's Hall served them as a meeting place. 

The People's Hall

Since it's historical beginnings, the People's Hall has continued to serve the community that founded it over 150 years ago.  The People's Hall has been  a  meeting hall for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Grange and the East Fallowfield Historical Society.   It has served Ercildoun as a church, polling place, museum and the ceremony location for the Ercildoun Academy.

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Our New Mission

People’s Hall is managed by a board of Trustees, which over time became sparsely populated and marginally functional. As a result, maintenance of the building was deferred, causing interior and exterior damage that needs to be stabilized and repaired. The board has now been restructured, and with new talent and energy, is committed to returning People’s Hall to its rightful status as an important community building. They are seeking additional recognition, support and funding to preserve this threatened property.

People's Hall has been delcared "At Risk" by Preservation PA and is listed among Pennsylvania's most endangered historic resources.